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Day 2 & 3 take-aways at Oracle CodeOne

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This time a more high-level recap of day 2 and 3 of Oracle CodeOne.

In the last two days I visited three types of talks: keynotes, workshops and technical sessions. There were two keynotes and both were bad. Luckily one was bad on purpose, so it was funny. The other one was just bad. Apparently not everything is great on conferences. 🙂 Furthermore I did some workshops about streams & lambdas. Interesting and fun to play with. I have enough knowledge about both to finally start using them in my projects!

Day 2 & 3 take-aways

Always use the latest version of everything

One of the more interesting sessions was about security. The presentation showed how easy it is to extract useful version information from server responses. This can be used to find known bugs and these can be exploited. The presenters showed us how simple it was to hack a website. The main takeaway of the session is to always update your software. Nowadays it takes hackers on average two days to start exploiting known vulnerabilities. So always use the latest version!

3 techniques to build more resilient applications

Furthermore I visited a talk about making your Java application more resilient by using the following techniques:

  • timeouts: make sure that your application does not wait forever on an answer, because the number of threads is finite
  • bulkheads: compartilize your application, so if something breaks it does not pull down the entire application (use more than one threadpool)
  • circuit breakers: prefer a little damage (a direct error response) over a lot of damage (requests that time out)

Kotlin – the 2nd most popular JVM language

I also attended two sessions about Kotlin, already the second most popular language on the JVM. One showed how to use Kotlin with Spring Boot. The other showed how you can start using Kotlin on a small scale in your projects. Kotlin is designed to play nice with Java, so it should not be too difficult to use this next to your Java code. I think it’s time to start using it in my projects. Looking forward to it!

NLJUG community at CodeOne

We visited the Github HQ with the people from NLJUG. We got a tour of the office and it was a nice sneak peek in US software development culture. Tomorrow we will visit the offices of Pivotal (the owners of Spring). This should also be fun. So one more day left!

On-demand video’s and livestreams of CodeOne ’19

By the way, did you know that you can watch a lot of the talks and technical sessions in this Youtube playlist? They also stream some of the keynotes and technical sessions live!

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